Kitchenaid Mixer Accessories

Pasta maker is a very helpful appliance in the kitchen if you consider yourself a great cook. As Italian cuisine conquers the world by delicious dishes, pasta becomes more and more common on our tables. Nobody rejects an opportunity to have pasta at the moment one wants to eat it. In most cases you have to go to some store where pasta is served. It is quite inconvenient and sometimes such situations occur when pasta leaves a lot to be desired despite high price. There are different types of Kitchenaid machines and Kitchenaid mixer accessories offered to your choice. A usual tool present in any kitchen is bowl mixer. You have an opportunity to buy a great amount of attachments to it. Attachments let people improve their machines and increase the amount of functions.  Moreover, they help to save money as you are not required to buy a new pasta maker but you just have to modernize an existing one using various accessories.

An electric bowl mixer is an indispensable tool when you have to deal with pasta dough. It requires kneading which can be done quicker by the device. Most pasta rollers offer plenty of different accessories such as stamps and cutters. Stamps are used for getting diverse shapes. Cutters can help you to get even pasta. There are a variety of attachments that give you an opportunity to have various types of pasta. For example, Kitchenaid mixer accessories let you prepare spaghetti (2 mm), tagllatelle (2 mm), cappelli d`angelo (1.5 mm), trenette (4mm), fettucine (6.5 mm), lasagnette (12 mm), pappardelle (44 mm) and many others.

Take into consideration that some producers sell devices of low quality as ones of higher by offering a great number of attachments. Usually accessories are made of plastic and are not meant for long-tem usage. It is useful to remember that only stainless steel models can guarantee the best durability and perfect result.

Try to prepare pasta of your own using the recipe below. You will not regret. Before to start, make sure you have the ingredients that are essential for this very pasta. They are the following: 160 g of linguine, 85 mL of 35% whipping cream, 1/3 cup of grated Parmesan cheese, salt and ground pepper to taste. Do not forget to prepare the warm serving dishes. For purposes of saving time you can cook pasta and sauce simultaneously. Use Kitchenaid mixer accessories to cook your delicious, self-made pasta. Put the cream into the saucepan. Set the lowest heat. Add Parmesan and mix everything well. Drain the pasta and combine it with the sauce. If desired, add salt and pepper. Mix up well and serve on warm dishes.