Kitchenaid Pasta Roller

Is there anything more delicious in the world than fresh self-made pasta? Are you interested in diverse pastas? Would you like to make your own pasta? Then you may be excited by Kitchenaid pasta roller as it gives you a chance to become a pasta expert. You are offered a great variety of models with both basic and some unusual shapes. One of the main problems beginners are faced with is how to prepare the dough. This impossible at first sight task comes easy as Kitchenaid makers come with instructions on ways how to make it yourself. You will be able to get square, round, or even star shapes. Everything depends only on your personal wishes. Various in shape and sauce kinds of pasta will let your friends and relatives have access to fresh homemade pasta any time you have a desire to make it. There are different models of these devices and ways of preparing. Further you will find a few tips to make your life easier at the start of you way. It is more reasonable for a beginner to use an electric Kitchenaid pasta roller as in this case one can concentrate on other dough preparing aspects. Some companies provide you with pre-measured dough mixes so as to make your first steps in pasta making easy and enjoyable. It is not a secret that a lot of manufacturers of pasta rollers will sell you dough mixes with pleasure. This opportunity seems very helpful at the beginning. As time goes, you become more and more experienced. You are sure to would like to improve your skill and try to hone it by making your own dough. Undoubtedly, it will let people around consider you a true pasta expert.

Regardless of what dough you have, bought or self-made, you can try to make people around you happy by preparing Pasta with Pepper Sauce. You will need: 320 g of tortiglioni, 3/4 cup of Pepper Sauce for Pasta, 65 mL of pasta cooking water, salt to taste, 2 tbsp of grated Parmesan cheese [optional].  Keep the serving dishes warm in the oven at the lowest setting. At the same time pasta and the sauce are cooked. To speed up the process of pasta making, you can use Kitchenaid pasta roller. As for sauce, heat pepper sauce in a saucepan, then add pasta cooking water and warm up for a few minutes. Put drained tortiglioni back to pasta cooking pot and mix it well with the sauce. If desired, sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese and serve in warm dishes.